GIP offers investors a number of effective strategies to protect their assets worldwide

The mission of Global Investment Protection AG (GIP) is the development and implementation of strategies and structures providing investors with effective investment protection against damages or total losses resulting from any kind of unreasonable governmental measures, such as for example (retroactive) regulatory and tax measures implemented by host governments.

We offer:

  • Investment Protection advisory
    Audits of existing corporate structures with respect to investment protection strength
    Development of bespoke investment protection solutions in cooperation with the management board and its legal counsel, tax advisers and auditors
    Comprehensive support in the implementation of the chosen investment protection solution for existing assets and new investments
    Ongoing monitoring of relevant changes and the proposal of adjustment options to maintain maximum investment protection including support with their application
  • Restructuring of ownership under the strongest available BIT protection
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  • Access to international arbitration
    Ensuring valid and strong corporate structure of the investor which serves as an „entry-ticket“ into the arena of ISDS
    Pre-emptive lobbying and intervention aiming to prevent further damaging legislative changes
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  • Arbitration and investor aggregation
    Full coordinatation of arbitration process by GIP team who are experienced in arbitrations and Investor-State Disputes Settlement worldwide
    Advisory in funding strategies for the investors in pending arbitrations
    Recommendation on the selection legal counsel and arbitrators
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