Global Investment Protection

Effective protection against
destructive government measures.

Global Investment Protection AG is an independent multi-disciplinary advisory firm dedicated to providing bespoke investment protection solutions based on effective access to Investor-State Dispute Settlements (ISDS) throughout the lifecycle of their investments in line with their fiduciary duties.

Investors tend to strongly underestimate the risks of investments in regulated and licensed sectors. A fundamental shift in global investment flows has turned the European Union into a net importer of capital, which in combination with growing fiscal pressures in Europe and beyond, triggers a significantly stronger need for effective investment protection.

We offer:

  • Audits of existing corporate structures with respect to investment protection
  • Development and implementation of investment protection solutions including the restructuring under the Most Optimal Jurisdiction in relation to BIT and taxation
  • Ongoing monitoring of changes in the international BIT landscape and proposal of adjustments for maximum investment protection
  • Investor aggregation in related industries
  • Pre-emptive lobbying and intervention
  • Funding strategies in case of arbitrations
  • Advise on legal counsel and arbitrators
  • Coordination support and advice during ISDS proceedings

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